Monthly Archives: May 2007

What are Social Media? Another Mini-Series (Part 1)

I get asked this question a lot. Usually by people, who are new to the subject, or by people who have just heard of it by different names. Well, let me shed some light on it. So, you’ve never heard of Social Media. But have you heard web 2.0? New Media? Media 2.0? Basically, all […]

I can give you what you want. Ode to Amazon, Pt. 1

I love Amazon. Scratch that. I adore Amazon. Amazon knows me. Intimately. They know what I want, what I already have, what I like, what I hate, what I need and what I my heart desires (but for some stupid reason is saving up for a more special occasion than right now). Amazon knows more […]

The end is near!

Remember that rant I had last weekend about BudTV? Seems the channel is now close to succeeding in their mission to put off their audience. According to AdAge the ridiculous sign-up process is being blamed for the online TV channel’s failure by Anheuser-Busch’s executives. The content on the site is slowly emigrating to other Anheuser-Busch […]

90ies flashback: viral poetry (in the movies)

Last night I watched a movie called Henry Fool. I had never heard of it before and only stumbled upon it when looking up upcoming Fay Grim (which is a sequel). At first it “only” seemed like a (well done) character drama, but then it really gripped me. And it contains a cultural snapshot of […]

Tailored to your requirements

Once upon a time there was a tailor of bespoke suits in London’s famous Savile Row. His name was Thomas Mahon. Thomas’ business was going alright, but a steadily climbing rent for his shop and the limited amount of people in the closer vicinity who can and want to afford tailored suits costing around USD […]