Monthly Archives: June 2007

So what if you don’t? (What are Social Media? Another Mini Series Pt 5)

To conclude this Mini Series (well, this season at least) I wanted to give you a brief idea what might happen if you choose to ignore Social Media altogether. In the short term, nothing much may change if you don’t participate in Social Media. A popular counterargument is that engaging in Social Media is a […]

What has Facebook ever done for me?

Actually, quite a bit so far. There is a lot of hype around Facebook. I too joined the party a wee while ago, just as its user numbers started to explode phenomenally. I have been researching Facebook for much longer since I needed to gather information on it’s relevance for business use. It has it’s […]

What are Social Media? Another Mini-Series (Part 4)

Which Social Media should you use? The answer to this question is unfortunately not that easy. It depends on a range of factors, as well as their combination and the correlations between them. Different Social Media platforms and applications have different uses. Here is a range of objectives that need to be examined in order […]

FOX TV: Internet TV going mainstream?

Yesterday the FOX Entertainment Group announced that it was launching three online TV channels for its FOX, FX and SPEED networks. It will do this in co-operation with Brightcove, a site specializing in delivering Internet TV. I have no doubt that this is an important step towards making Internet TV mainstream, but what does it […]

What are Social Media? Another Mini-Series (Part 3)

Today: Are there any side effects? Social Media use does have side effects. Some of them are desired – and the reason why you want to participate in Social Media to begin with; some may seem a disincentive to you at first. Some of them are ongoing; some of them will turn into positive side […]