Monthly Archives: August 2007

We’ve got the power!

Facebook users are flexing their muscles. I have already reported about Facebook groups; this one seems to have achieved what they wanted! Students who are customers of HSBC in the UK have formed a Facebook group called Stop the Great HSBC Graduate Rip-Off!!!, which at the time of writing had 5,983 members,  to protest against […]

Social Media in Vienna Part 2 (Oh no, not another Mini-series!).

Men are still ahead in Social Media… Women are communication mostly in an emotional way, and are not utilizing blogs for their professional development, while men are attracting a bigger audience by writing about politics or the economy. This is what I heard at the panel discussion I attended when I was in Vienna. It […]

The taste of butterbeer

For those of you who miraculously didn’t know yet: Warner Bros. Entertainment and Universal Orlando Resort are building a Harry Potter theme park in Florida that is due to open in 2009/2010. Giant nerd that I am I’ll so be there! They are doing a great job in building a park for the fans, using […]

Still growing!

I have just been back to the Satay Kingdom Appreciation Group on Facebook to see what is happening over there (click here to visit it if you have a Facebook account), and I am impressed: it keeps growing at a staggering rate! At the moment it has 545 members (compared to 423 a couple of […]


If you are in Vienna in the next couple of weeks you should go to the Museumsquartier and look at a cool exhibition they have going. is doing an installation where you can enter the world of Second Life and move an avatar through it watching it on an approx. 4m X 5m wall […]