Monthly Archives: September 2007

A new Facebook feature…

…will help make the platform even more mainstream. This upcoming feature on Facebook will enable the users to group their contacts. You can let the different “groups” of people see different parts of your profile. This is important because it is taking the wind out of those people’s sails who claim that Facebook should be […]

Living Spaces

Living Spaces has gone live again, with some essential social media additions. Gabriele Drossos is an interior designer working in Austria. She had a good web site already, but was after expanding her online presence to expand the reach of Living Spaces and explore new markets. I suggested some new Social Media solutions for her […]

digitalks – initiating the uninitiated

Last time in Vienna I met the lovely and dedicated Meral Akin-Hecke, who initiated digitalks. digitalks is a series of events that are bringing Social Media to people who have heard of Web 2.0, but don’t know exactly what it’s all about. The first of a series of ten workshops, which are being held at […]

Update on local Facebook groups

A quick update on local Facebook groups I am following. The much talked about Satay Kingdom Appreciation Group is still gaining momentum. To date, it has 764 members. I have been down to Satay Kingdom three times now to interview the manager, but there seems to be an issue with a random person walking in, […]

Hollywood and Social Media: the Internet is your friend!

There is a shift happening in the way people are accessing video content. A recent global study by IBM has shown that the time spent on personal Internet use now rivals TV use. Furthermore, 81 percent of respondents reported that they have either watched or want to watch video on their PC. These findings correspond […]