Monthly Archives: October 2007

Is the Wellington City Council ignoring Facebook?

A couple of days ago I was a speaker at a meeting of the Public Communicators Network. This was great (thanks again for letting me come along!) and really uplifting. My co-speaker was Catrina McDiarmid from NZAid, who have been blogging since the Tsunami-disaster in 2004, and who have had really good experiences with it. In general the Public Sector […]

Seesmic is awesome fun

Loic Le Meur has a new start-up, for which I scored a pre-alpha tester account. Seesmic is a new Social Application which has been compared to Twitter, but you upload little videos. It is a great idea! Furthermore, it lets you add accounts you have on other Social Applications (like Skype, Twitter or YouTube) so […]

digitalks 01 – reviews wanted

The first digitalk was on last Tuesday night in Vienna (I wrote about digitalks before). Apparently it was a full house, my friend Andreas was late but Meral was kind enough to let him in anyway. I’ve watched some clips about the evening, because unfortunately I couldn’t be there. As expected, it was an introduction […]

Social Networks are diverse

My feed delivered this article to me today. It is making a good point about the Long Tail that is Social Networks. You might be a resident of MySpace, Facebook, or LinkedIn, or even have a few accounts to stay in touch with a range of your acquaintances, but have you ever even looked at […]

About the Free Burma campaign on Facebook

If you are interested about the influence of the Facebook group I wrote about yesterday, read this article on Wired. I see this as more evidence for the growing power of the Facebook group feature. What do you think?