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“Everybody’s” favourite Social Network Facebook released a feature for targeted advertising last week. If you’re a company, you can now register it on Facebook, and people can be your fans (rather than your friends).

Furthermore, you can buy flyers that are then displayed on people’s profiles. And: you can target those people as well according to their demographic, their interests etc.All sounds really great. I am still monitoring, how this actually pans out, in order to be able to give sound advice on it. So far I have seen that it can work for some companies, but – just like all other Social Media – it needs to be applied in the right circumstances. Translation: you need a strategic approach!

Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang made a few good points in regards to this:(in excerpts)”1)

What’s your objective in joining Social Networks? (…)
2) Is Facebook the right network for you? (…)
3) Do you already have a social networking hub elsewhere? (…)
4) Once you send customers t o this page, what’s in it for them? (…)
5) (…) How does this integrate with the rest of your strategies?
6) How do you measure success? (…)
7) How will you have a conversation with your community? (…)

“Read the full post here.

I fully agree with these points – and more: even though these new Facebook features are agreat addition for some, I still think that keeping a well-managed personal Facebook profile is very important when communicating with your peers in many cases.


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    Thanks for this, you’re spreading the right message!

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