A look into Seesmic

I have written about Seesmic before, I’ve showed it around, and I have talked about it quite a bit at work, but it is still a wee while until it is going to be open to everyone. In the meantime you can watch this little video to get a better idea of it. I think Seesmic still needs a bit of work, but it is getting there. I am certainly not using it as much as I would like to, mainly because to me video is very instantaneous. And whenever I would like to share something, I am usually outdoors or in cafes in Wellington, with either bad or no internet access at all. (Can’t wait to go to Europe now – free, reliable wireless internet all over the place!) But I shall try harder to post videos from home.Curious to see what happens once it opens to a greater public. 


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    Für alle die jetzt nicht genau wissen was das ist? hier ein Link:

    Ganz ehrlich – ich wusste es auch nicht! 😉

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