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Facebook advertising: the good, the bad.

The jury is still out on whether or not Facebook advertising actually works well or not. From what I have seen so far it is as I suspected: it works for some (the ones who comprehend HOW to ENGAGE people) and not for others (the ones who are NOT ENGAGING).This post on Technobabble has a couple […]

A look into Seesmic

I have written about Seesmic before, I’ve showed it around, and I have talked about it quite a bit at work, but it is still a wee while until it is going to be open to everyone. In the meantime you can watch this little video to get a better idea of it. I think Seesmic still needs […]

Strategy first!

“Everybody’s” favourite Social Network Facebook released a feature for targeted advertising last week. If you’re a company, you can now register it on Facebook, and people can be your fans (rather than your friends). Furthermore, you can buy flyers that are then displayed on people’s profiles. And: you can target those people as well according […]

Supporting actress

Just a brief post to give you a bit more information on the WGA strike:Here is an interesting article by actress Susan Savage about the reasons for the strike.And for those of you who wish to express their support for the WGA members on strike, follow this linkto sign an online petition.   

The “best of” the WGA strike… so far

The wind is changing in Hollywood and TV-land. Let me give you an overview on the WGA strike so far, before telling you why this is happening (and what I think it means). Hollywood’s writers have been in talks with producers for a while now in order to come to a new arrangement regarding their fees when […]