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Are you new to this? Let me introduce you! I will regularly post definitions and examples for a variety of Social Media platforms and tools in a nutshell.

digitalks – initiating the uninitiated

Last time in Vienna I met the lovely and dedicated Meral Akin-Hecke, who initiated digitalks. digitalks is a series of events that are bringing Social Media to people who have heard of Web 2.0, but don’t know exactly what it’s all about. The first of a series of ten workshops, which are being held at […]

So what if you don’t? (What are Social Media? Another Mini Series Pt 5)

To conclude this Mini Series (well, this season at least) I wanted to give you a brief idea what might happen if you choose to ignore Social Media altogether. In the short term, nothing much may change if you don’t participate in Social Media. A popular counterargument is that engaging in Social Media is a […]

What are Social Media? Another Mini-Series (Part 4)

Which Social Media should you use? The answer to this question is unfortunately not that easy. It depends on a range of factors, as well as their combination and the correlations between them. Different Social Media platforms and applications have different uses. Here is a range of objectives that need to be examined in order […]

What are Social Media? Another Mini-Series (Part 3)

Today: Are there any side effects? Social Media use does have side effects. Some of them are desired – and the reason why you want to participate in Social Media to begin with; some may seem a disincentive to you at first. Some of them are ongoing; some of them will turn into positive side […]

What are Social Media? Another Mini-Series (Part 2).

This time on What are Social Media we are looking at the probing question: Why should you use Social Media? There are a number of ways you can profit from using Social Media tools and networks – personally and professionally. Here are some of the most common reasons for people to use Social Media in […]