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Want to know more about what Social Media can do for your business? In this section I will cover a wide range of uses as well as latest developments in the sphere of Social Media concerning organizational applications.

Facebook advertising: the good, the bad.

The jury is still out on whether or not Facebook advertising actually works well or not. From what I have seen so far it is as I suspected: it works for some (the ones who comprehend HOW to ENGAGE people) and not for others (the ones who are NOT ENGAGING).This post on Technobabble has a couple […]

Strategy first!

“Everybody’s” favourite Social Network Facebook released a feature for targeted advertising last week. If you’re a company, you can now register it on Facebook, and people can be your fans (rather than your friends). Furthermore, you can buy flyers that are then displayed on people’s profiles. And: you can target those people as well according […]

Hollywood and the Internet

No, this post is not about the writer’s strike. Though I am all for it, and I think the time is ripe: Hollywood’s writers will get a bigger slice of the cake. But that is another discussion… I found an article on Forbes Online Magazine about Hollywood marketing films on the Internet. Though the majority of marketing-money is still […]

Social Networks are diverse

My feed delivered this article to me today. It is making a good point about the Long Tail that is Social Networks. You might be a resident of MySpace, Facebook, or LinkedIn, or even have a few accounts to stay in touch with a range of your acquaintances, but have you ever even looked at […]

About the Free Burma campaign on Facebook

If you are interested about the influence of the Facebook group I wrote about yesterday, read this article on Wired. I see this as more evidence for the growing power of the Facebook group feature. What do you think?