Hollywood and the Internet

No, this post is not about the writer’s strike. Though I am all for it, and I think the time is ripe: Hollywood’s writers will get a bigger slice of the cake. But that is another discussion…

I found an article on Forbes Online Magazine about Hollywood marketing films on the Internet. Though the majority of marketing-money is still going into traditional marketing channels (print and TV ads), increasing funds are devoted to online channels. The main reason is that more and more people are finding out about upcoming releases online. 

The article states the following: “According to consumer exit surveys conducted during their respective opening weekends, more moviegoers cited the Internet as a motivating source of information than any other media, Caines said. Of the Superbad audience, 73% cited the Internet, 72% cited TV commercials and 67% cited in-theater previews. For Extinction, 64% of respondents cited the Internet, 56% said TV commercials and 55% said in-theater trailers.”

Online Marketing is on the rise in every industry, but with the popularity of YouTube and other video streaming sites it already is second nature for Internet users to find trailers online. Not to mention the buzz in Social Networks (mobile or online) on opening weekends, which is making or breaking new releases.

I confidently predict that Hollywood’s spending on online marketing is going to increase rapidly in a short period of time. Given the mounting evidence, there is no way it can’t.


Is the Wellington City Council ignoring Facebook?

A couple of days ago I was a speaker at a meeting of the Public Communicators Network. This was great (thanks again for letting me come along!) and really uplifting. My co-speaker was Catrina McDiarmid from NZAid, who have been blogging since the Tsunami-disaster in 2004, and who have had really good experiences with it. In general the Public Sector in New Zealand is slowly embracing Social Media, but steadily. Read their great and informative blog for more insights.Anyway, we also talked about the Save the Chocolate Fish Facebook group, and the missing action from the Wellington City Council. The Council should well have reacted to the over 2000 members of that group by now. The reason being that the City Council got wrongly accused of being the bad guys in this saga while it is actually a rent increase from the landlord which is causing the owners to pack up shop. None of us could say whether the Council just chooses to ignore it or doesn’t know about it. I think they are ignoring it – there was an article in the Wellingtonian (a free local newspaper delivered to every household) a few weeks ago about the Facebook group (with lots of wrong details by the way). The City Council must at least have read that. I think they are just reluctant to answer in a medium they haven’t figured out yet.Not responding to people in Social Media is a bad idea. Everyone should know after the Kryptonite events 3 years ago (in case you don’t know: the company ignored bloggers for a very long time, causing a long-term image problem – read all about it in Robert Scoble’s book). I am curious how long the Wellington City Council can keep up this strategy. What do you think?

Seesmic is awesome fun

Loic Le Meur has a new start-up, for which I scored a pre-alpha tester account. Seesmic is a new Social Application which has been compared to Twitter, but you upload little videos. It is a great idea! Furthermore, it lets you add accounts you have on other Social Applications (like Skype, Twitter or YouTube) so you can send video messages to your buddies there.

I am very excited about it, and today I got it to work. I just posted a quick kia ora from Wellington, because I had to run off to catch La Vie en Rose, but I will be playing with it some more in the weeks to come.

Sign up for becoming an Alpha Tester, and start “following” my “seesmics” in the next stage – and I will follow yours.

digitalks 01 – reviews wanted

The first digitalk was on last Tuesday night in Vienna (I wrote about digitalks before). Apparently it was a full house, my friend Andreas was late but Meral was kind enough to let him in anyway.

I’ve watched some clips about the evening, because unfortunately I couldn’t be there. As expected, it was an introduction for near-Luddites (according to Andreas), which I think is a good thing. The uninitiated need the appropriate forum to be initiated, and digitalks seems to be a good presentation as well as a bit of a hands-on approach for the “audience” thrown in the mix.

The next digitalks is on the topic of Wikis on
6 November 2007
at the Museums Quartier Vienna, event centre QDK Quartier für Digitale Kultur
at 7pm

Make sure to sign up for it in order to secure a seat.

And if you happened to be at the last one: share your review in the comments!

Social Networks are diverse

My feed delivered this article to me today. It is making a good point about the Long Tail that is Social Networks. You might be a resident of MySpace, Facebook, or LinkedIn, or even have a few accounts to stay in touch with a range of your acquaintances, but have you ever even looked at any of the other “big players” like hi5 or Orkut? I’m not even talking special interest / Niche networks – there is a variety of bigger and smaller Social Networks for a range of topics (pets, politics, parenting, film, gabling, anything you can think of!).

Many people assume that if they use a certain network, application or tool, everyone else is using it as well. And even more common is another quick conclusion: if this works for me (or someone I know and trust), it must automatically work for everyone else. These are some common misconceptions, that I am trying to raise awareness for constantly: we have to look beyond what we know to discover what else there is, and what will work better for our agenda. To connect to the people you want to connect with, you might need to go into (to you at least) unchartered waters. Especially if you have a niche / long tail interest or agenda.

And even if you want to connect with a wider range of people, make sure they are in the right region(s). Here you can find a map of the dominant Social Networks by country. That is not to say that e.g. Facebook or MySpace are not in New Zealand, Austria or India, but it indicates the networks with the most users at this point in time. And as we know, Social Networks are a fast-changing landscape. I’m curious how this map will be looking in six months from now.